Benefits of the STREAMWAY System

The STREAMWAY® System provides a carefully engineered waste fluid management system that avoids interruptions caused by frequent and potentially hazardous canister changes. Through direct-to-drain installation, this closed system automatically measures and disposes of surgical fluids and provides easy, environmentally sound operation. With no fluid canisters to empty, it is more cost effective to operate, and staff avoids biohazard exposures while spending less time on cleanup.

STREAMWAY Product in Use

The STREAMWAY System enables hospitals and surgical centers to:

  • Reduce overhead costs
    • Eliminate canister replacement & disposal
    • Avoid expensive hazardous material disposal
    • Reduce legal risk of staff exposure to biohazards
  • Enhance efficiency and profitability of procedures
    • Operate with safe, continuous suction
    • Eliminate interruptions that consume time and labor
  • Improve safety
    • For patients — Enhance patient-focused care  through time-saving, automated operation
    • For staff — Reduce risk of exposure to biohazard fluids and increase efficiency
    • For the environment  — Eliminate canisters and reduce biohazard waste

For more information about how STREAMWAY can increase profitability, safety and environmental stewardship, please contact us.