How the STREAMWAY System is Different

The STREAMWAY® System takes an innovative, environmentally friendly approach to patient and staff safety. The integrated system provides efficient and effective direct-to-drain surgical waste handling designed for surgical centers and various procedure rooms throughout hospitals. The STREAMWAY System is FDA approved.

Canister Free

Each year, approximately 50 million used surgical canisters are sent to landfills in the U.S. That also means hospitals and outpatient centers spend millions of dollars on materials and hazardous waste management. Now, your facility can save that money and engage in environmentally sound practices. Use of the STREAMWAY System saves on the cost of disposing and replacing canisters, and it eliminates risky fluid transport.

Efficient, Uninterrupted Performance

Through its sophisticated design, the STREAMWAY System promotes safer, more profitable surgical procedures. It automatically collects, measures and disposes of surgical fluids into the plumbing system without interruption. Its unlimited capacity means no waiting for canister changes, and its easy cleanup saves on labor costs.

Convenient Wall Mount

By creating a compact collection and disposal unit to fit on or recessed into the wall, the STREAMWAY System provides staff with more space to move freely around the room. Unlike other units, it does not require any storage space or floor space.

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