STREAMWAY Benefits for Radiology & Imaging

STREAMWAY for Radiology & ImagingThe FDA-approved, direct-to-drain STREAMWAY® System is revolutionizing paracentesis and thoracentesis procedures by eliminating the need for evacuated bottles and canisters. Benefits to Interventional Radiology & Imaging departments and clinics include:

Reduces Supply and Labor Costs

For most departments, the STREAMWAY System pays for itself in less than a year by eliminating the cost of evacuated bottles, canister and disposal fees. And because there are no bottles to change or transport, you save on labor costs, too.

Eliminates the Hazards of Evacuated Bottles

The self-contained design eliminates the hazards of handling potentially infectious waste fluid. It includes built-in safety features, including vacuum level reset before each patient to reduce the potential for error. You can even preset the system to remove the specific amount of fluid ordered for each patient.

Easy to Use

Set-up of the STREAMWAY System is easy. Simply insert a single-use procedure filter, connect the catheter tubing, set the appropriate suction level and press “Start” on the touchscreen. The STREAMWAY System performs uninterrupted, regardless of total fluid volumes, and displays collected volumes on a backlit screen.

Increases Procedure Efficiency

With STREAMWAY System, procedures can continue without stopping for bottle changes. The simple-start cleaning cycle – which takes less than 5 minutes – also improves turnover time between procedures, so you can treat more patients and improve profitability.

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