STREAMWAY Testimonials

Hospitals, surgical centers and other medical facilities have had a positive response to the STREAMWAY® System and its many advantages for patients, staff and the environment. Hospital and surgery center administrators, surgeons and nurses appreciate the innovative features that provide wide-reaching benefits in terms of safety, cleanliness and efficiency.

“Using the STREAMWAY System has simplified and improved the process for our fluid removal procedures. Supplies have been greatly reduced, storage space has been freed up, and hazardous waste costs have been lowered. But most importantly, the potential for staff exposure to patient body fluids has been significantly reduced.”

– Darice Johnson, RDMS, RVT
St. Cloud Hospital

“I cringe when I have to do an arthroscopic procedure in one of the rooms without STREAMWAY. It’s so much easier and safer to use than canisters.”

– Fran Hahn, BSN, RN, CNOR
Huntingdon Valley Surgery Center

“We chose the STREAMWAY System because it’s self-contained and paid for itself in supply savings within nine months.”

– Dan Felix, Imaging Services Director
Tucson Medical Center