STREAMWAY Benefits for Physicians & Surgeons

Precise Performance

STREAMWAY for Physicians & Surgeons

Optimize performance in the operating and procedure room with continuous suction and unlimited volume. Surgeries and other medical procedures continue without interruption due to the direct-to-drain fluid management system. The fully automated unit provides surgeons and staff with an easy-to-read volume display, an adjustable suction level and a tissue trap built into the single use procedure filter.

Procedure Efficiency

The STREAMWAY® System saves space on the operating/procedure room floor through its installation on or recessed into the wall. Procedures such as surgeries, endoscopies, paracentesis and so on can continue without stopping for canister changes. The simple-start cleaning cycle also improves turnover time between procedures, enabling staff to focus more time on each patient.

Maximum Safety

No other system does more to protect patients, staff and the environment from the risks associated with waste fluid disposal. For the benefit of patients, the system provides precise continuous vacuum and accurate fluid volume calculations. Staff can completely avoid handling fluid canisters, saving time and avoiding injury and exposure. The FDA has approved the innovative direct-to-drain system, which enables surgery centers and hospitals to reduce landfill waste.

Multiple Department Applications

This direct-to-drain fluid management system ensures efficient procedures in various specialty areas. With no canisters to stop and replace or to clean up, the STREAMWAY System reduces labor and enhances patient-focused care. Staff can set up the rapid clean cycle and return their attention to the patient. The wall-mounted unit takes a small amount of space on or recessed into a procedure room wall.  This system eliminates fluid canisters and the hazards and inconvenience of handling bodily fluids following visits to surgery, radiology, ultrasound, endoscopy, urology and other specialty departments.

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