STREAMWAY Benefits for Administrators

Cost EffectiveSTREAMWAY for Adminstrators

With the STREAMWAY System, your facility eliminates costly medical waste disposal and all of the direct and indirect handling risks. No more surgical fluid canisters to purchase, dispose of or handle.

The fully automated system improves efficiency in the OR and procedure room, leading to faster turnover times, a more productive staff and ultimately greater profitability.

Protects Staff & Environment

The STREAMWAY System eliminates one of the most dangerous jobs in the medical field — handling surgical fluid canisters and their contents. With direct-to-drain design, this system eliminates the risk of transporting canisters full of fluids. Cleaning is easy. Simply discard the single use procedure filter and start the five-minute cleaning cycle with the touch of a button. By eliminating canisters, facilities can avoid the costly “red bag” disposal of these biohazard materials, which are also detrimental to the environment.

Safe, Automated Performance

Both patients and staff benefit from the safe, automated performance and easy cleanup that has been engineered into each STREAMWAY® System. The unlimited capacity and real-time fluid measurement enables staff to continue operations and procedures without interruption. More efficient procedures are better for patients and more cost effective for your facility.

Multiple Department Applications

One of the greatest advantages of the STREAMWAY System is the direct-to-drain fluid management system, which eliminates costly fluid canisters and evac bottles for departments throughout the healthcare system. In doing so, staff remains protected from the hazards of handling bodily fluids for any procedure. It also has a small footprint, making it appropriate for small procedure rooms such as those in radiology, ultrasound, endoscopy and urology departments as well as surgery.

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